Unveil Your Merch Without Breaking A Sweat!

MerchGarage is a premium merchandise platform that connects the top artists, creators, celebrities, movies, musicians, influencers and their content with potential customers. Our team of relentless engineers, designers, customer support, packaging, logistics and merchandisers work around the clock to create a creator-centric merchandising platform while providing an unrivalled shopping, purchase and return experience for the fans.

At MerchGarage, we believe in premium quality products, design and service.

Our Merch Family!

Why US?

We’re the perfect partner to launch your merch, as we handle:

  • Product Sourcing & Inventory Management
  • Web Store Building, Management & Upgradation
  • Product Designing & Sampling
  • Graphics & Preview Designing
  • Production Printing & Fulfilment
  • Customer Support, After Sales Service & Returns Management
  • Content Marketing & Seo
  • Customer Engagement & Social Media Marketing

How Does It Work?

Launch your merch most efficiently with us in four simple steps!

Product Portfolio

To capture the unpredictable essence of today’s fashion lover: confident, stylish, on-trend and in charge, we have an exhaustive portfolio of 40+ products across 20+ categories and its elevated design aesthetics builds on our continued work to evolve our brand portfolio and deliver a strong pipeline of new offerings.

Shipping & Packaging!

Shipping is as per with industry standards with the packaging being:

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

  2. Durable

  3. Economical

  4. Minimal Carbon Footprint

  5. Personalised Thank You Note from you!

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